There are freinds after all !

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I just cannot describe how I feel now…The only thing that I can say is that circumstances divert out social beliefs. I did blog about friendship a while ago, I do not even recall what was the circumstances, but today, I have a definition for friendship.

A friend is someone who listens, understands, care and act…with one condition …there is nothing for him or her . Well, there are people like that ..and for this I am grateful and I am ready to do the same when I can …so yes I will build friends.


Our lives …summarized

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For all people who are 40 years + , let us try to go over your lives very quickly..First, you will immediately categorized it into phases childhood, school, university and then 2 or three more phases; and second, in each phase you will have 3 to 5 things that you remember the most , and it is like it is engraved in your mind ..Why is that ? Why there are somethings that we cannot forget and maybe those things did affect our whole lives..weird when you summarize your entire 40 years into 3 to 5 phases with some memories. Where our lives go? That is why it is very important to cherish every lovely memory and try really to learn something out of is too short!!

Deadlines….to meet

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If you want to think about it, ones life is a set of deadlines that need to be met. It starts from your school life in the forms of exams, tests, projects, in the college same story. After your graduation you need to get a job , then in the job , deadlines have different flavours, even when getting married, having kids …. It is really a bunch of connected circles .

What is your next deadline?


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I use to think that there exist in this world people who are really considered to be unique; well maybe this is the case , but it is not that they won’t change! I was really chocked by a person who did proof that life really turned him to the dark side….The lesson that we can take out is that temptations in life can be a real demon, if you surrender to it, you are doomed, if you are strong enough, you really are a true , honest, strong person that can keep the balance….

The way to be

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Did you ever reach a point where you question yourself, am I right or wrong?

I consider myself a very peaceful, loyal, and carring person, I have the tendency of always helping others, and this personality forced me to think that people are “Good by default “.

After more that 40 years, I did sometime came across incidents that made me question this .

Did you notice?

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When you meet an old friend, a childhood friend, without you even do any efforts, you find yourself dealing with him the same way you use to do. The feelings that you will feel are the same feelings, in form of memories. To an extent that you might use the same vocabulary that you stopped using ages ago.
On another note, you currently may have different people whom you interact with during the day, you find yourself deal with each and everyone in slightly different manner, the way you want him/her to see you. It comes automatically, that is why it is very important to select carefully your friends. BECAUSE THEY WILL DEFINITELY AFFECT YOUR PERSONALITY.

Should I do it or not

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It has been a while since I wrote the last time.  Life is moving too fast,  and the time is becoming like a flash..This could be because of our busy life,  at work, at home …but if you stop and look deep into it,  you can realise that it is all in your head…..In your inner thoughts. .you could be thinking over and over of a very important matter that could be a big turn in your life and your family life. ..for me it is just that .. should I do it or not. I need more time to think it over. A lot of time.